Sarah L. Singer
US: + 1 786 350 3742
ISRAEL: +972 54 77 97263
Kyriat Moshe, Jerusalem
Venezia exhibition at Mamilla Hotel, Jerusalem - Sarah Singer Photography
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Venezia exhibition

Mamila Hotel - 7th March - 12th May 2019


This Fine Art Box, created by Sarah L Singer, is a tribute to the Jewish Ghetto of Venezia on the occasion of its 500th year celebration.

Limited edition of 48 boxes  Format A4  (8.5 x 11″).
Each box is numbered and contains 20 prints, hand signed by the artist.



All those art pieces are also available in Archival Digigraphie print size 40x40cm (15.7×15.7inch) on Traditional Photo Paper by Epson.


This project has been possible with the help of Raquel and Aryeh Rubin Foundation.

Targum Shlishi is a proud supporter of this exhibition and what it represents.
The act of viewing Sarah L. Singer's evocative photographs of the world's first Jewish ghetto from our vantage point, today, here, standing on Israeli soil, is of paramount importance.
The juxtaposition of the two locations has great meaning: these images become much more than an homage to a lost past and a place where Jews once thrived but could not stay.
In seeing the images of Jewish Ghetto in Venice half a millennium after it was a center of Jewish life, we are reminded once again of how vital Israel is to the Jewish people and how significant it is to have a permanent home.

— Aryeh Rubin
Director, Targum Shlishi


“When we perceive beauty, it is because we have found that window to the Infinite”
(Tzvi Freeman, “Bringing Heaven down to earth”)


This Fine Art Box, created by Sarah L Singer, is a tribute to the Jewish Ghetto of Venezia on the occasion of its 500th year celebration.T​he Venetian Ghet​t​o was born in 1516​, when all the ​J​ews had to be​ ​confined to live in one gated neighborhood and the gates were locked at midnight.


Despite the confinem​ent,​ ​t​he Ghet​t​o flourished from 1516 to 1797​, ”nourished” by the constant flow of persecuted Jews from different backgrounds and all over Europe. They lived together in a prolific way, with each group keeping its own cultural differences and ​”​minaghim“ (traditions)​ thus thriving as a respectful, influential community within the city of Venice.


The history of the Ghetto is fascinating and carries a strong positive message of peace and unity for our generation​.


The beauty of the Ghetto, its fragility, its nuances and its one-of-the-kind timeless message, is all percieved in the differences which each unique season brings, diverse shadows of poetic sparks. This beauty is one which needs to be experienced.


To breathe its air, to listen to the subtle noises of the early hours before dawn and after dusk, to hear the whispering of the Past and to capture the reflections of the sky in the canals, these will give you the necessary clues to connect.


By opening this fine art exclusive collection, ​you will experience the Ghetto in a close ​up fashion, forging an intimate connection with history. You will be delighted with the sheer beauty and quality of each print, its magnificence transcending photography as if each one was hand painted.

Let your heart and ​your ​mind be a receptor of this​ ​P​ast​, where,​ more than any place in Europe, the Ghetto had a positive legacy.


L​et us keep the Ghetto’s memory alive​!


This Fine Art Box, created by Sarah L Singer, is a tribute to the Jewish Ghetto of Venezia on the occasion of its 500th year celebration.


Limited edition: 48 boxes  Format A4  (8.5x 11″-21×29.7cm).
With authenticity and quality certificate from Studio Shuki Kook – DIGIGRAPHIE official representative in Israel.
Each box contains 20 prints by Sarah L. Singer, hand signed, numbered from 1 to 48
+ 5 boxes Fine Art Artist Proofs collector items.


We used special Canson Archival Photo Storage Boxes.
Made from selected Archival board which meets the requirements of ISO 9706 for paper permanence, this material contains also a high level of alpha cellulose, is produced in neutral pH conditions (acid free) without OBA or recycled material, and conforms to the PAT (Photographic Activity Test according to ISO 18916) to ensure the integrity of your prints over time.
The surface is covered with a specially selected black Wibalin® Buckram paper which offers a high water – and lightfastness.
This box contains a neutral ribbon for improved handling and removal of prints and 20 sheets of glassine to help protect the prints from scratching and abrasion.



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