Sarah L. Singer
US: + 1 786 350 3742
ISRAEL: +972 54 77 97263
Kyriat Moshe, Jerusalem
About the artist Sarah L. Singer - Photographer - Photo SLS
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sarah l. singer photograph

Born in Paris, France

She was 20 years old when she opened her painting studio in Paris

In 1978, she left France to live in Los Angeles

In 1984, she experienced the awesome Nature in Africa.

Developed her interest for printmaking and photography at U.C.L.A, California

In North England, she experimented one of the best printmaking workshop in Europe

Opened a gallery in South of France, Nice in the 90’s

Went back to America, 2000

In 2009, she founded the Jewish Art Center in Miami, Florida

In 2013, she settled in Jerusalem, Israel

In 2017 exhibition at the Knesset: “Venezia, 500years. The Ghetto”

In 2020 Hansen House, Jerusalem,
In Print Art Book Fair

In 2022 Hansen House- Jerusalem In Print Art Book Fair

In 2023 (November) launched a free art program for the displaced children at the Museum Of Jewish Italian Art in Jerusalem


American-israeli artist S.L.S. (“sarah l. Singer”) takes lush and mesmerizing photographs of landscapes and natural details, from the drooping contours of ancient rock formations, to the unexpected features of aquatic plants and flowers.


Her concern with themes of permanence and mortality in the environment stem from long periods spent in Kenya and California. These themes are echoed in the very materiality of her photographs, by using metallic paper in her special series, underlining the works’ elemental subject matter.


These explorations of temporality in nature take on an incredible range of forms and styles, from broad landscape imagery to incredibly tight and focused botanical photography. Her palette is similarly versatile, ranging from bold, tropical tones to pared-down black and white compositions.

She highlights patterns and textures, alternately focusing viewers’ attention on grooved stone masses or slick water lily leaves, all the while isolating irregularities and intriguing details that reward close observation.

The resulting images make exquisite use of light and negative space to offer breathtakingly fresh glimpses of nature.


American-israeli artist S.L.S. (“sarah l. Singer”) launched the Project SLS Art Academy in Jerusalem



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