Sarah L. Singer
US: + 1 786 350 3742
ISRAEL: +972 54 77 97263
Kyriat Moshe, Jerusalem
Fine Art Sarah L. Singer, Photographer : Landscapes, Rocks, Flowers
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This “Venezia -The Ghetto- 500 years” is a touring exhibition


It has been in Italy, America and now Israel.
It is ready to be presented in other countries as well.
Last exhibition was at Mamilla Hotel, Jerusalem.

To Welcome this exhibit please contact the artist.


All prints are available for purchase.

To purchase art work or to arrange for a studio visit, please contact :

Sarah L. Singer : 054 77 97 263

This project has been made possible with the help of
targum shlishi
A Raquel and Aryeh Rubin Foundation



sarah l. singer photograph

American-israeli artist, S.L.S. (« Sarah L. Singer ») takes lush and mesmerizing photographs of landscapes and natural details, from the drooping contours of ancient rock formations, to the unexpected features of aquatic plants and flowers.

Her concern with themes of permanence and mortality in the environment stem from long periods spent in Kenya and California. These themes are echoed in the very materiality of her photographs, which are printed on metallic paper, underlining the works’ elemental subject matter.